ThemeVin Theme Options

Each WordPress theme developed by ThemeVin has an advanced Theme Options panel that is loaded with options. The options are organized into logical tabbed sections, and each option has a description of what it will do on the front end (because of the number of options available on each theme are difference, we cannot go over them in full detail here. We encourage you to take some time and navigate through each section to familiarize yourself with the options).

Here we used Ozganiko theme for example. To access the Theme Options panel goto WP Dashboard → OZGANIKO → Theme Options includes all global options that affect your entire website. These options can be overwritten by setting options in Page Settings (or Preset) with any page custom Page Settings (or apply Preset).

Preferential list of these groups options in a page/post is: Page Settings --> Preset --> Theme Options  (You can consult our guide on how ThemeVin Options work here: https://themevin.ticksy.com/article/12962/)

NOTE: Preset and Page Settings will use the Theme Options value if left empty or if the value is default (or Inhirit). They will override Theme Options if any other value is entered. This setup gives users maximum flexibility for setting a global theme option, then being able to override it on a page/post/shortcode basis.

Goto Theme Options from WP dashboard

By clicking on the Theme Options menu, you'll be able to change all settings that affect to entire your website. Theme Options are logically organnized into tabs, each tab contains all the options for that specific area within your site.

15 sections to setup in Theme Options in Ozganiko theme 


If you have any troubles configuring your website applications with the above settings you can contact the Support Center by signing up and submit a new ticket. ThemeVin's support team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for choosing ThemeVin!